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2017 Stress Management Tips

2017 Summer Tip of the Month

Over the past few months, I have been meeting lots of people who have serious stress issues. Many of these are Veterans and family members of Veterans. Others include those who have recently lost a loved one or are in situations where a loved one has serious medical conditions. The one common element of our conversations were that each one needed someone to talk to about their situation and each one ended with the shedding of pain through their tears.

As much as it hurts to talk about our innermost pains, it is even worse not to talk about them. So to those who are hurting on the inside, find someone to talk to. Look for a good listener who is willing to devote the time with you to listen with passion and empathy. And to those who are not hurting and are willing to help, remember that even if you are willing to listen, you must do so when you are able to spend the time that is needed for them to let out those feelings. If you have time restraints, ask the person if you can schedule a time when you both have time. If you are looking at your watch because you have someplace else to be, you won't be of much help to that person in need of your attention.

Both parties will receive a benefit from this relationship. Blessings, Dan

Spring 2017 Tip

OK, you have been cooped up all winter long and now it is time to get out and get going. Spring is a time when the rains come to clean the earth from the dirt and dust of winter. It is also a time to refresh and renew yourself and what better way then to spend some quality time with special people in your life. Consider participating in these activities with family or friends. So get off the couch, dust yourself off and get moving.

Go for a bike ride. With more and more safe, traffic free trails to choose from, this can be a fun time for all and a great way to burn off 200 - 800 calories per hour.

Outdoor pools may not be ready yet, but there are plenty of options at indoor locations to enjoy a fun night or afternoon of swimming. Check out local hotels, Y’s or other sports centers in your area. This low impact form of exercise can help you burn up to 300 calories an hours.

Whether it be at a local park or right in your own neighborhood, a family walk or hike is one of the simplest and no cost activities which will give you tons of health benefits.

Day trips to the zoo, a sporting event or exploring a local, regional or state theme park will be enjoyed by all and you will expend lots of calories.

Family meal-time enjoying a proper, healthy meal can really bring the family together. Make it a taco night where everyone can participate in making the meal. Keep the TV off and just enjoy the conversation.

For all of these activities, put away cell phones, Ipads, laptops and all other electronic devices and just enjoy a few moments of uninterrupted time with others. And remember, “Don’t text and Drive”