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2015 Stress Management Tips

Winter 2015 - Winter Tips to Lower Stress

The winter season is often the most stressful time of the year for a number of reasons.

Not everyone can take a long winter vacation to get away and relax so you should be looking for some smaller mini-vacations to relax and enjoy yourself.

Have a great winter and see you next spring!

October 2015

Wow! Where did the summer go? I just looked at my website and realized that I missed a couple of months of stress management tips. Did anyone notice? Or were you all too busy too?

With the end of summer comes a change in our daily routines. This is true especially for those who have school age children. Not only are they back in school (yeah) but now they also have lots of after school activities added to making sure they get their homework done.

All I want to impress on you this month is that with your changing routines, be sure to set apart some time for your “ME” time and for your family “US” time. Both are critical to maintaining a healthy and happy life style. Have a great Fall.

If anyone has ideas they want me to talk about, don’t hesitate to send me a note. - Dan

August 2015

Do not look for perfection in yourself or in others. We are Humans and therefore imperfect. This doesn’t mean that you should stop trying to improve yourself and make a better, more caring person of who you are. You cannot change others by telling them to change but you might make changes in others through your example.

June 2015 - Burnout

Many people fall prey to burnout. Maybe a better description of their condition might be “Drainout”.

Countless interactions with “needy” people, work and family activity have drained them without conscious awareness. They are like wounded soldiers needing R&R.

You will be of no help to anyone, including yourself if you are in this condition. Take time to rest and regenerate in a quiet and peaceful surroundings.

May 2015 - Talking to or talking with?

Recently I’ve been observing people communicating with each other and often times, most of the time; it seems they are talking to or at each other but not with each other. There is a difference, a big difference. Probably the biggest difference is that when you are talking with someone, it means you are also listening to them and what they are saying. Whereas, when talking to or at someone, the listening part is almost entirely absent from the communications.

Communicating with someone requires time and effort because of the listening part. Talking to someone requires little time or effort because most of the time you are not listening. Our hectic daily lives often dictate which method of communications we use. When things are so busy that we just need to get it out and move on, we tend to talk to or at the other person. The risk is that this form of communications often leads to misunderstandings and a signal of disinterest in the other person.

We are all guilty of this. After all, we are human. So to minimize the misunderstandings and giving the other person the sign of disinterest, stop and focus before you begin your communications. Take the time to listen and in return, be listened to.

April 2015 - April showers bring May flowers or so the saying goes.....

Well what if April brings more snow storms, hurricanes, tornadoes or other damaging weather? What do we do? We ride out the storms just as we do in our everyday lives. When you think about it, the weather is very similar to our lives. Sometimes we get caught in bad weather or bad situations in our lives and then there is a break and we get the sunshine and flowers we have been hoping for. Don’t you think that if every day of our life was sunshine and flowers that you would get a little bored? And wouldn’t all that sunshine eventually cause damage to the environment and to our bodies? We need the rain and storms in our weather to create a balance in our environment just as we need that rain and storms in our lives so that we learn to appreciate those sunny days and be thankful for them. So too must we be thankful for the rain and storms which strengthen the environment and us.

March 2015

Wow! It is the end of February and now I need to write the March Tip of the Month. Where did the month go and why is it so short. Why don’t we just have 11 months of 30 days and then add 5 days to July or some other favorite month? I would vote for 5 extra Saturdays in July. How about that?

Well, I guess we don’t always get what we want. Well, why not? Because we all want something different and so who do we please? I could easily say to just please yourself or I could say to please someone else and in doing so, you would end up pleasing yourself. But what I would say is to make a choice and in doing so, you will chose to please the right person at a time when they need you the most. Some days, that person will be you and other days that person will be someone else.

Don’t feel guilty if you chose yourself some days because some days you will need that more than other people. By choosing yourself some days, you will have the strength to do for others the next day. Trust me, it works.

January 2015

This is the start of my 8th year of providing monthly tips on my website. Funny thing is, I don’t even know if anyone is reading them. I do not want to just stop writing them if there is, in fact, someone out there is the world who is reading them and gaining even a little benefit from them. So if you are out there and want me to continue, please let me know. On the other hand, don’t let me know. After all, we shouldn’t be doing things in our effort to help others because we want the recognition. Should we? No, don’t let me know. I’ll keep writing them with the hope they are benefiting someone, somewhere and that will be enough for me. Hope your holidays were spent sharing your time with people who need you.