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"End of 2017 Tip" - Have the days been streaming by as fast for you as they have for me? Thanksgiving is just a couple weeks away and as excited that I am to have my children and grandchildren coming to visit, I just don’t think I’m ready for them. As I look out my home-office window, I can see some of the projects I need to complete before the snow flies. Rake up the leaves, turn off the outside water, unplug the water fountains and empty the bird baths. Remove the battery from the lawn mower and cover it up, cut down the dead tree in front of the house before it falls on something. All of these projects that need to be done and then I remember how grateful I am that I have a house.

I see the half-packed luggage sitting in front of me that I need to finish up so I can go on my annual deer hunting trip with friends and then I think how grateful I am that I can take time to get away with friends. I see all of the items that need to be packed in my 3 suit cases that I’m taking with me on my mission trip to Honduras and then I think how grateful I am that I have my health and can go out into the world and help others.

307 massacres in the first 310 days of 2017 and I’m worried about the stuff I have to get done. Time to rethink what is important and start thinking about the people in our lives who we are grateful for.


My thoughts and prayers go out to all of those who have suffered so much this year and my hope they find a source of strength and encouragement to walk through their pain. May God be with you.

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