Dan Randall, Managing Life's Stress, River Falls, WI
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Dan Randall

{ Managing Life's Stress }

The Program

During this 90 minute, information-packed program, Dan demonstrates what happens to our bodies when we encounter a stressful situation or event. Dan provides two programs. One is for the business world and the other provides inspirational scripture for Christian organizations. He discusses the difference between “acute” and “chronic” stress and dives into the symptoms and danger signs of:

You will also learn about the various sources of stress which include:


Attendees will learn about how to:

Finally, attendees are provided with many stress reduction tips which can be used for both short and long term stress reduction and management.

By sharing personal struggles with stress in his own life, Dan will tell attendees why these stress management techniques are so important.

Benefits of The Program

We all have some stress in our lives, but sometimes this stress can become overwhelming and start affecting our work, family, social and personal lives in a very negative manner. Learning how to reduce and manage stress will:

There are many other benefits of having a happier and healthier life style. If you can read the signs of stress and work at the stress reduction methods provided in this program, you can start managing your life.